Projects in Progress

Elegant Online strives to support the Elefriends Foundation by capturing the elephant lovers in Sri Lanka to improve the standards of taking care of the elephants. As Sri Lanka is one of the most elephant-friendly tourist destinations and where elephants are seen as a significant iconic attraction at religious activities such as the Perahera. However, elephants face major problems such as loss of habitat and malnutrition issues in which the elephant foundations do not have the sufficient funds to cater the needs of the elephants in Sri Lanka. Hence this will be the first ever project that will create awareness amongst the society in regard to elephants and elephant funding to improve elephant care.

All funds will be donated to the elephant foundations through the sales of elephant themed products that will be available in our online store for the local and the tourist population. The online store will contain all categories of products that will feature elephant prints. This will create a new platform in helping elephant.

Ele tours

As Sri Lanka regains her image as a top travel destination, an array of opportunities waits for global travel and leisure organizations keen to focus on Sri Lanka.

It is said that a perfect traveling partner makes all the difference in a journey and Ele Tours is exactly that partner who understands what needs to be done to experience the essence of Lanka.

With Ele Tours as your chosen Travel partner you can appreciate on the oldest civilizations on the planet with all comforts that modernity affords. At Ele Tours we only focus on you and how you would celebrate the uniqueness of Sri Lanka, the Emerald Isle.

Elefriends research centre

Currently Sri Lanka is emerging as an attractive inbound travel destination in the international travel market.

The Ele Friends has decided to establish a hotel or guest house with which will be named “the Elegant Pinnawala” in the town of, Pinnawala, Kegalle district of Sri Lanka. The business concept primarily focuses around establishing a 20 room hotel with core values and its operational philosophy based on the theme elephant conservation. The hotel would house a museum, library, elephant product store and a conference hall. These will be analyzed and discussed in detail further in the report. We have had preliminary discussions with a leading architectural firm to work with us as our building contractor in this venture.

With Ele Tours as your chosen Travel partner you can appreciate on the oldest civilizations on the planet with all comforts that modernity affords. At Ele Tours we only focus on you and how you would celebrate the uniqueness of Sri Lanka, the Emerald Isle.

  • Local and foreign universities

The aim is to enable both Local and Foreign University students to visit Sri Lanka and allow them to understudy the subject of Elephant conservation and get them involved in related CSR projects.

  • Location identified and land secured

A land in front of the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Kegalle has been already earmarked and purchased.

  • Development plan in place

Development plan has been already documented.

  • Why on hold

With the economic instability in the past few months and the lack of investor confidence led to the project being put on hold as we were unable to approach potential investors.

Elefriends Wellness centre

Elefriends Foundation has decided to establish a Wellness centre to cater to the wellbeing of the elephants who are under the care of private owners. A land in Pinnawala, Waga has been earmarked for this project.

We are aiming to form a Public private partnership with the Wildlife Department in moving forward with the initiative and work closely with the “Private Elephant Owners Association”

We have already collaborated with a European foreign agency for the required equipment and medical supplies for the wellness centre.

International Conference on Elephants

We feel that an International conference on Elephants and the conservation efforts with the participation of international bodies is the need of the hour. This would be the first step in paving the way to raise funds and get the support of NGOs and International Wild life protection agencies. Having such conference would also lead the way to sourcing funds using methods such as Crowd funding and Local Private Sector – CSR projects.

Elefriends Foundation, in Partnering with the Ministry of Wild Life would like to work on the following with our core purpose of safeguarding the interest of Sri Lankan Elephants and paving the way for Elephant conservation in Sri Lanka.
We feel that we could give a boost to the tourism sector by giving more attention to the Elephants in Sri Lanka and as Elefriends Foundation we would like to do our part in stabilizing this goal.

Also proper coordination with local and international NGOs and Wild Life protection Agencies could also lead to obtaining international focus and attention on the Sri Lankan wildlife sector.

We can also tap the private sector in the Country who are willing to extend their support to promote Sri Lankan elephant segment in taking this initiative forward.